We make the invisible visible
abtemas, environmental and social studies workshop, is an architecture
and urban planning studio that seeks to make the invisible visible;

helping you to turn your ideas into reality.
We find the best location
We differentiate ourselves by our experience in territorial analysis and efficient
data management,
allowing us to find the optimal location for each project.
Social return on technology
We put the best technology at the service of each project, making the most
of the data and information generated, in order to achieve objectives
of a markedly social nature.
Landscape and environmental integration
We work on the territory and cities; we help you to define your measures and actions
so that your project can be aligned with the objectives of sustainable development
and urban agendas.
Environmental efficiency
and social cohesion
We do this in the hope that, with our help, the development of your project
will contribute to a more equitable, supportive, healthy and resilient society.
Data science and knowledge generation
Based on the conviction that organised information allows us to make
decisions that maintain a coherent line of evolution, we work on
data governance, improving the social impact of our decisions.
Innovation in public management
We define data management and governance models for the integration
of the transformation processes of organisations and society in the territory.
Technological integration
We develop solutions for the management of data and geographic
information systems, enabling projects to reach a new dimension
with the platforms in which abtemas participates as a partner.